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  1. Ultrastrong waveguide QED with giant atoms
    Sergi Terradas-Briansó, Carlos A. González-Gutiérrez, Franco Nori, Luis Martín-Moreno, David Zueco Submitted PDF / arXiv:2205.07915 /
  2. High cooperativity coupling to nuclear spins on a circuit QED architecture
    V. Rollano, M. C. de Ory, C. D. Buch, M. Rubín-Osanz, D. Zueco, C. Sánchez-Azqueta, A. Chiesa, D. Granados, S. Carretta, A. Gomez, S. Piligkos, F. Luis Submitted PDF / arXiv:2203.00965 /
  3. Optimal control of molecular spin qudits
    Alberto Castro, Adrian Garcia Carrizo, Sebastián Roca-Jerat, David Zueco, Fernando Luis Phys. Rev. Applied (in press) PDF / arXiv:2111.15313 /
  4. Dispersive readout of molecular spin qudits
    Álvaro Gómez-León, Fernando Luis, David Zueco Phys. Rev. Applied (in press) PDF / arXiv:2109.14639 /
  5. Effective theory for matter in non-perturbative cavity QED
    Juan Román-Roche, David Zueco SciPost Phys. Lect. Notes 50 (2022) PDF / arXiv:2110.07632 / doi
  6. Non-reciprocal population dynamics in a quantum trimer
    C. A. Downing, D. Zueco Proc. R. Soc. A 477, 20210507 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2111.10347 / doi
  7. Quantum kernels to learn the phases of quantum matter
    Teresa Sancho-Lorente, Juan Román-Roche, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 104, 053701 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2109.02686 / doi
  8. Distant emitters in ultrastrong waveguide QED: Ground-state properties and non-Markovian dynamics
    Carlos A. González-Gutiérrez, Juan Román-Roche, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 104, 053701 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2106.02949 / doi
  9. A perspective on scaling up quantum computation with molecular spins
    S. Carretta, D. Zueco, A. Chiesa, Á. Gómez-León, F. Luis Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 240501 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2105.00654 / doi
  10. Gauge-Independent Emission Spectra and Quantum Correlations in the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime of Cavity-QED
    Will Salmon, Chris Gustin, Alessio Settineri, Omar Di Stefano, David Zueco, Salvatore Savasta, Franco Nori, Stephen Hughes Nanophotonics, 11, no. 8, 1573-1590 (2022) PDF / arXiv:2102.12055 / doi
  11. Broad-band spectroscopy of a vanadyl porphyrin: a model electronuclear spin qudit
    I. Gimeno, A. Urtizberea, J. Román-Roche, D. Zueco, A. Camón, P. J. Alonso, O. Roubeau, F. Luis Chem. Sci., 12, 5621-5630 (2021) PDF / arXiv: 2101.11650 / doi
  12. Photon condensation in magnetic cavity QED
    Juan Román-Roche, Fernando Luis, David Zueco Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 167201 (2021 ) PDF / arXiv:2011.03753 / doi
  13. Chemical tuning of spin clock transitions in molecular monomers based on nuclear spin-free Ni(II)
    Marcos Rubín-Osanz, François Lambert, Feng Shao, Eric Rivière, Régis Guillot, Nicolas Suaud, Nathalie Guihéry, David Zueco, Talal Mallah,and Fernando Luis Chem. Sci., 12, 5123-5133 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2103.03021 / doi
  14. Perfect state transfer on hypercubes and its implementation using superconducting qubits
    Siddhant Singh, Bibhas Adhikari, Supriyo Dutta, and David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 102, 062609 (2020) PDF / arXiv:2011.03586 / doi
  15. Chiral current circulation and PT symmetry in a trimer of oscillators
    Charles A. Downing, David Zueco, Luis Martín-Moreno ACS Photonics 7, 12, 3401–3414 (2020) PDF / arXiv:2009.06620 / doi
  16. A dissymmetric [Gd2] coordination molecular dimer hosting six addressable spin qubits
    Fernando Luis, Pablo J. Alonso, Olivier Roubeau, Verónica Velasco, David Zueco, David Aguila, Leoní A. Barrios, Guillem Aromí Communications Chemistry 3 176 (2020) PDF / arXiv:2006.08528 / doi
  17. Gauge Principle and Gauge Invariance in Quantum Two-Level Systems
    Salvatore Savasta, Omar Di Stefano, Alessio Settineri, David Zueco, Stephen Hughes, Franco Nori PPhys. Rev. A 103, 053703 (2021) PDF / arXiv:2006.06583 / doi
  18. Enhanced molecular spin-photon coupling at superconducting nanoconstrictions
    I. Gimeno, W. Kersten, M. C. Pallarés, P. Hermosilla, M. J. Martínez-Pérez, M. D. Jenkins, A. Angerer, C. Sánchez-Azqueta, D. Zueco, J. Majer, A. Lostao, F. Luis ACS Nano, 14, 7, 8707–8715 (2020) PDF / arXiv:2006.03386 / doi
  19. Bound states in ultrastrong waveguide QED
    Juan Román-Roche, Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 102, 023702 (2020) PDF / arXiv:2001.07643 / doi
  20. Gauge freedom, quantum measurements, and time-dependent interactions in cavity and circuit QED
    Alessio Settineri, Omar Di Stefano, David Zueco, Stephen Hughes, Salvatore Savasta, Franco Nori Submitted (2019) PDF / arXiv:1912.08548
  21. Coupling spin 'clock states' to superconducting circuits
    Ignacio Gimeno, David Zueco, Yan Duan, Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Thomas Astner, Alejandro Gaita-Ariño, Stephen Hill, Johannes Majer, Eugenio Coronado, Fernando Luis Submitted (2019) PDF / arXiv:1911.07541
  22. Ultrastrong coupling effects in molecular cavity QED
    Jorge Calvo, David Zueco and Luis Martin-Moreno Nanophotonics 9 (2), 277-281 (2020) PDF / doi
  23. Chiral quantum optics in photonic sawtooth lattices
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Chao Wan, David Zueco, Alejandro González-Tudela Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023003 (2020) PDF / arXiv:1907.00840 / doi
  24. Spin squeezing by one-photon–two-atom excitation processes in atomic ensembles
    Vincenzo Macrí, Franco Nori, Salvatore Savasta, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 102, 023702 (2020) PDF / arXiv:1902.10377 / doi
  25. QED with magnetic textures
    María José Martínez-Pérez, David Zueco New Journal of Physics, accepted (2019) PDF / arXiv:1907.02568 / doi
  26. Single photons by quenching the vacuum
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Luis Martín-Moreno, Juan José García-Ripoll, David Zueco Physical Review Letters, 123, 013601 (2019) PDF / arXiv:1810.10857 / doi
  27. Strong coupling of a single photon to a magnetic vortex
    María José Martínez-Pérez, David Zueco ACS Photonics, 6 (2), 360, (2019) PDF / arXiv:1807.04075 / doi
  28. Ultrastrongly dissipative quantum Rabi model
    David Zueco, Juanjo García-Ripoll Phys. Rev. A 99, 013807 (2019) PDF / arXiv: 1806.01952 / doi
  29. Uncertainty Principle Consequences at Thermal Equilibrium
    Leonardo A. Pachon, Johan F. Triana, David Zueco, Paul Brumer J. Chem. Phys. 150, 034105 (2019) PDF / arXiv:1401.1418 / doi
  30. PT-symmetric circuit QED
    Fernando Quijandría, Uta Naether, Sahin K. Özdemir, Franco Nori, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 97, 053846 (2018) PDF / arXiv:1801.06678 / doi
  31. Emergent Causality and the N-photon Scattering Matrix in Waveguide QED
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Andrea Cadarso, Luis Martín-Moreno, Juan José García-Ripoll, David Zueco New J. Phys. 20 013017 (2018) PDF / arXiv:1705.09094 / doi
  32. Dynamical signatures of bound states in waveguide QED
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, David Zueco, Luis Martín-Moreno, Juan José García-Ripoll Phys. Rev. A 96, 023831 (2017) PDF / arXiv:1603.09408 / doi
  33. A scalable architecture for quantum computation with molecular nanomagnets
    Mark David Jenkins, David Zueco, Olivier Roubeau, Guillem Aromi, Johannes Majer, Fernando Luis Dalton Transactions, 45, 16682-16693 (2016) PDF / arXiv:1610.06091 / doi
  34. Single- and two-photon scattering from generalized V-type atoms
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Luis Martín-Moreno, David Zueco, Juan José García-Ripoll Phys. Rev. A 94, 053857 (2016) PDF / arXiv:1603.07130 / doi
  35. Full two-photon downconversion of just a single photon
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Luis Martín-Moreno, Juan José García-Ripoll, David Zueco Phys. Rev. A 94, 053814 (2016) PDF / arXiv:1602.05603 / doi
  36. Ultrastrong coupling in two-resonator circuit QED
    A. Baust, E. Hoffmann, M. Haeberlein, M. J. Schwarz, P. Eder, J. Goetz, F. Wulschner, E. Xie, L. Zhong, F. Quijandria, D. Zueco, J.-J. Garcia Ripoll, L. Garcia-Alvarez, G. Romero, E. Solano, K. G. Fedorov, E. P. Menzel, F. Deppe, A. Marx, R. Gross Phys. Rev. B 93, 214501 (2016) PDF / arXiv:1412.7372/ doi
  37. Continuous matrix product states solution for the mixing/demixing transition in one-dimensional quantum fields
    Fernando Quijandría, David Zueco Physical Review A 92, 043629 (2015) PDF / arXiv:1507.03613 / doi
  38. Stationary discrete solitons in circuit QED
    Uta Naether, Fernando Quijandría, Juanjo García-Ripoll, David Zueco Physical Review A 91, 033823 (2015) PDF / arXiv:1411.6613 / doi
  39. Nonlinear quantum optics in the (ultra)strong light-matter coupling
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Juan José García-Ripoll, Luis Martín-Moreno David Zueco Faraday Discussions 178, 335 (2015) PDF / arXiv:1410.5017 / doi
  40. Continuous matrix product states for coupled fields: Application to Luttinger Liquids and quantum simulators
    Fernando Quijandría, Juan José García-Ripoll, David Zueco Phys. Rev. B 90, 235142 (2014) PDF / arXiv:1409.4709 / doi
  41. Nanometric constrictions in superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators
    Mark David Jenkins, Uta Naether, Miguel Ciria, Javier Sesé, James Atkinson, Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Enrique del Barco, Johannes Majer, David Zueco, Fernando Luis App. Phys. Lett. 105, 162601 (2014) PDF / arXiv:1409.1040 / doi
  42. The Bose Hubbard model with squeezed dissipation
    Fernando Quijandría, Uta, Naether, Diego Porras, Juanjo García-Ripoll, David Zueco J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 48 055302 (2015) PDF / arXiv:1409.0361/ doi
  43. Scattering in the ultrastrong regime: nonlinear optics with one photon
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, David Zueco, Juanjo García-Ripoll, Luis Martín-Moreno Physical Review Letters 113, 263604 (2014) PDF / Supplemetary Material / arXiv:1406.5779/ doi
  44. Tunable and Switchable Coupling Between Two Superconducting Resonators
    A. Baust, E. Hoffmann, M. Haeberlein, M. J. Schwarz, P. Eder, E. P. Menzel, K. Fedorov, J. Goetz, F. Wulschner, E. Xie, L. Zhong, F. Quijandria, B. Peropadre, D. Zueco, J.-J. Garcia Ripoll, E. Solano, F. Deppe, A. Marx, R. Gross Phys. Rev. B 91, 014515 (2015) PDF / arXiv:1405.1969/ doi
  45. Synchronization in a semiclassical Kuramoto model
    Ignacio Hermoso de Mendoza, Leonardo A. Pachón, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, David Zueco Phys. Rev. E 90, 052904 (2014) PDF / arXiv:1309.3972/ doi
  46. Quantum chaos in an ultra-strongly coupled bosonic junction
    Uta Naether, Juan José García-Ripoll, Juan José Mazo, David Zueco Physical Review Letters 112 074101 (2014) PDF / arXiv:1309.0391>/ doi
  47. Nonequilibrium and nonperturbative dynamics of ultrastrong coupling in open lines
    B. Peropadre, D. Zueco, D. Porras, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll Physical Review Letters 111 243602 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1307.3870/ doi
  48. Employing Circuit QED to Measure Nonequilibrium Work Fluctuations
    Michele Campisi, Ralf Blattmann, Sigmund Kohler, David Zueco, Peter Hänggi New Journal of Physics 15 105028 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1307.2371/ doi
  49. Coupling single molecule magnets to quantum circuits
    M.D. Jenkins, T. Hümmer, M. J. Martínez-Pérez, J. García-Ripoll, D. Zueco, F. Luis New Journal of Physics 15 095007 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1306.4276/ doi
  50. From Josephson junction metamaterials to tunable pseudo-cavities
    D. Zueco, C Fernández-Juez, J Yago, U Naether, B. Peropadre, J.J. García-Ripoll, JJ Mazo Supercond. Sci. Technol. 26 074006 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1305.4844/ doi
  51. Fast microwave beam splitters from superconducting resonators
    M. Haeberlein, D. Zueco, P. Assum, T. Weißl, E. Hoffmann, B. Peropadre, J.J. García-Ripoll, E. Solano, F. Deppe, A. Marx, and R. Gross, submitted (2013) PDF / arXiv:1302.0729
  52. Circuit QED bright source for chiral entangled light based on dissipation
    Fernando Quijandría, Diego Porras, Juan José García-Ripoll, David Zueco Phys. Rev. Lett 111, 073602 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1212.3623 / doi
  53. Thermal activation at moderate-to-high and high damping: finite barrier effects and force spectroscopy
    J. J. Mazo, O. Y. Fajardo, D. Zueco J. Chem. Phys. 138, 104105 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1212.4290 / doi
  54. Information sharing in Quantum Complex Networks
    A. Cardillo, F. Galve, D. Zueco, J Gómez-Gardeñes Phys. Rev. A 87, 052312 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1211.2580 / doi
  55. Weak and Strong coupling regimes in plasmonic-QED
    T. Hümmer, F. J. García-Vidal, L. Martín-Moreno, D. Zueco Phys. Rev. B 87, 115419 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1209.1724 / doi
  56. Tunable coupling engineering between superconducting resonators: from sidebands to effective gauge fields
    Borja Peropadre, David Zueco, Friedrich Wulschner, Frank Deppe, Achim Marx, Rudolf Gross, Juanjo García-Ripoll Phys. Rev. B 87, 134504 (2013) PDF / arXiv:1207.3408 / doi
  57. Non-adiabatic effects within a single thermally-averaged potential energy surface: Thermal expansion and reaction rates of small molecules
    J. L. Alonso, A. Castro, J. Clemente-Gallardo, P. Echenique, J. J. Mazo, V. Polo, A. Rubio, and D. Zueco J. Chem. Phys. 137, 22A533 (2012) PDF / arXiv:1205.6181 / doi
  58. Nonequilibrium phases in hybrid arrays with flux qubit and nitrogen-vacancy centers
    Thomas Hümmer, Georg M Reuther, Peter Hänggi, David Zueco Physical Review A 85, 052320 (2012) PDF / arXiv:1203.1857 / doi
  59. Quantum Navigation and Ranking in Complex Networks
    Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Jordi Duch, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, David Zueco Scientific Reports 2, 605 (2012) PDF / arXiv:1202.3471/ doi
  60. Microwave photonics with Josephson junction arrays: Negative refraction index and entanglement through disorder
    David Zueco, Juan José Mazo, Enrique Solano and Juan José García-Ripoll Physical Review B 86, 024503 (2012) PDF / arXiv:1110.1184 / doi
  61. Time-resolved qubit readout via nonlinear Josephson inductance
    G M Reuther, D Zueco, P Hänggi and S Kohler New Journal of Physics 13, 093022 (2011) PDF / arXiv:1105.1105 / doi
  62. Molecular prototypes for spin-based CNOT and SWAP quantum gates
    F. Luis, A. Repollés, M. J. Martínez-Pérez, D. Aguilà, O. Roubeau, D. Zueco, M.Evangelisti, A. Camón, J. Sesé, L. A. Barrios and G. Aromí Physical Review Letters 107, 117203 (2011) PDF / supplementary material/ arXiv:1103.2931 / doi
  63. Monitoring Entanglement Evolution and Collective Quantum Dynamics
    G M Reuther, D Zueco, P Hänggi and S Kohler Physical Review B 83, 014303(2011) PDF / arXiv:1007.5493/ doi
  64. Bringing entanglement to the high temperature
    F Galve, L A Pachón, D Zueco Physical Review Letters 105,180501 (2010) PDF / arXiv:1002.1923/ doi
  65. Non-equilibrium Effects in the Thermal Switching of Underdamped Josephson Junctions
    JJ Mazo, F Naranjo and D Zueco Physical Review B 82, 094505 (2010) PDF / arXiv:1004.2512 / doi
  66. Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics on the Electronic Boltzmann Equilibrium Distribution
    J L Alonso, A Castro, P Echenique, V Polo, A Rubio and D Zueco. New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 083064. PDF / arXiv:1002.4899 / doi
  67. Circuit quantum electrodynamics in the ultrastrong-coupling regime
    T Niemczyk, F Deppe, H Huebl, E P Menzel, F Hocke, M J Schwarz, J JGarcia-Ripoll, D Zueco, T Hümmer, E Solano, A Marx and R Gross. Nature Physics 6, 772-776 (2010) PDF / arXiv:1003.2376 / doi
  68. Creation and manipulation of entanglement inspin chains far from equilibrium
    F Galve, D Zueco, G M Reuther, S Kohler and P Hänggi. Eur. J. Phys. - ST (SpecialTopics) v 180, 237–246 (2010) PDF / arXiv:1003.4846 / doi
  69. Two-resonator circuit QED: Dissipative Theory limit
    G M Reuther, D Zueco, F Deppe, E Hoffmann, E P Menzel, T Weissl, MMariantoni, S Kohler, A Marx, E Solano, R Gross and P Hänggi. Phys. Rev. B v 81, 144510 (2010) PDF / arXiv:0911.2657 / doi
  70. Thermodynamic anomalies in open quantum systems: Strong coupling effects in the isotropic XY model
    M Campisi, D Zueco and P Talkner. Chem. Phys v 375, 187 (2010) PDF / arXiv:1002.1923 / doi
  71. Entanglement and Disentanglement in Circuit QED Architectures
    D Zueco, G M Reuther, S Kohler, and P Hänggi Physica E 42, 363 (2010) PDF / arXiv:0812.4253 / doi
  72. Quantum router based on ac control of qubit chains
    D Zueco, F Galve, S Kohler, and P Hänggi Phys. Rev. A 80, 042303 (2009) PDF / arXiv:0905.4677 / doi
  73. Qubit-oscillator dynamics in the dispersive regime: Analytical theory beyond the rotating-wave approximation
    D Zueco, G M Reuther, S Kohler, and P Hänggi Phys. Rev. A 80, 033846 (2009) PDF / arXiv:0907.3516 / doi
  74. Entanglement resonance in driven spin chains
    F Galve, D Zueco, S Kohler, E Lutz and P Hänggi Phys. Rev. A 79, 032332 (2009) PDF / arXiv:0809.3712 / doi
  75. Time-Resolved Measurement of a Charge Qubit
    G M Reuther, D Zueco, P Hänggi and S Kohler Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 033602(2009) PDF / arXiv:0806.2786 / doi
  76. A modified Ehrenfest formalism for efficient large-scale ab initio molecular dynamics
    X Andrade, A Castro, D Zueco, J L Alonso, P Echenique, F Falceto and ARubio J. Chem. Theory Comp 5, 728(2009) PDF / arXiv:0812.2801 / doi
  77. Landau Zener tunnelling in dissipative circuit QED
    D Zueco, P Hänggi and S Kohler New Journal of Physics, 10,Issue 11, pp. 115012 (2008) PDF / arXiv:0807.1748 / doi
  78. Electromagnetic wave transmission through asmall hole in a perfect electric conductor of finite thickness QED
    A Yu Nikitin, D Zueco, F J García-Vidal and L Martín-Moreno Phys Rev B, 78, 165429 (2008) PDF / arXiv:0808.2873 / doi
  79. On the conundrum of deriving exact solutions from approximate master equations
    R Doll, D Zueco, M Wubs, S Kohler and P Hänggi Chemical Physics, v. 347, iss.1-3, p. 243-249 (2008) PDF / arXiv:0707.3938 / doi
  80. Bopp operators and phase-space spin dynamics: application to rotational quantum Brownian motion
    D Zueco and I Calvo Journal of Physics A:Mathematical and Theoretical, v 40, issue 17, 4635 (2007) PDF / arXiv:quant-ph/0611194 / doi
  81. Nonlinear response of single-molecule magnets:Field-tuned quantum-to-classical crossovers
    R. López-Ruiz, F. Luis, A. Millán, C. Rillo, D. Zueco, and J. L.García-Palacios Physical Review B, vol. 75,012402 (2007) PDF / arXiv:cond-mat/0606091 / doi
  82. Solving spin quantum master equations with matrix continued-fraction methods: application to superparamagnets
    J. L. García-Palacios and D Zueco Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, v 39, Issue 42, 13243 (2006) PDF / arXiv:cond-mat/0603730 / doi
  83. Longitudinal relaxation and thermoactivation of quantum superparamagnets
    D Zueco and J. L. García-Palacios Physical Review B, vol.73,104448 (2006) PDF / arXiv:cond-mat/0509627 / doi
  84. Quantum ratchets at high temperatures
    D Zueco and J. L. García-Palacios Physica E, Volume 29, Issue 1-2,p. 435-441 (2005) PDF / arXiv:cond-mat/0412566 / doi
  85. Mode-locking of mobile discrete breathers
    D Zueco, P J Martínez, L M Floría and F Falo Physical Review E, vol. 71,Issue 3, id. 036613 (2005) PDF / arXiv:nlin/0410018 / doi
  86. The Caldeira Leggett quantum master equation in Wigner phase space: continued-fraction solution and application toBrownian motion in periodic potentials
    J L García-Palacios and D Zueco Journal of Physics A:Mathematical and Theoretical, v 37, issue 45, 10735 (2004) PDF / arXiv:cond-mat/0407454 / doi