Quantum technologies

People involved: David Zueco, Juanjo Mazo, Fernando Quijandría


We can classify ourselves inside the field of  quantum technologies.   A  brief discussion on the topic  can be found here.

In particular we work:

  • circuit-QED. We study the dynamics of quantum circuits with the objective of building quantum chips.
  • Molecular qubits. Here, we use chemically engineered magnetic molecules as qubits integrated in superconducting circuits. This hybridization pursues a long term quantum information processor.
  • Quantum plasmonics.  We want to explore the manipulation of plasmons at the nanoscale when they behave quantum.
  • Quantum and complex systems.  We put together complex networks  and quantum mechanics.  We tackle the concepts of quantum navigation in real networks, efficient information extraction, quantum synchronization, etc …

Some publications in our group [link]