Seminar announcement

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at 18:00
Venue: Aula 2 (Physics), Faculty of Sciences (Building A), University of Zaragoza. Spain.

Speaker: Clàudia Payrató

Mutualistic networks: Emergence of structural patterns and dynamic implications of introducing temporal variability.

Mutualistic networks are characterized by the fact that its components interact through mutually benefiting activities. This network representation has been of particular importance in ecology, where it served to model large mutualistic communities formed, for instance, by plants and their pollinators or by plants and seed-disperser birds. In this talk, I will explore two research questions concerning ecological mutualistic networks. In the first place, how do their structural characteristics appear? And, secondly, does temporal turnover of species significantly affect population dynamics?
I will start by describing how, using a statistical physics approach, we have recently shown that the vastly widespread property called nestedness is actually determined by local traits, particularly the degree sequences. Secondly, I will address the consequences for biodiversity persistence of introducing empirical information about the temporal patterns of activity of plants and pollinators. To do so, I will use a multilayer network framework which incorporates both mutualistic and competitive interactions.

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