Group Seminar

Next group seminar: November 8-th at 12.00 pm Aula 1 Edificio Física (Facultad de Ciencias)

Speaker: Rafa Tapia

Title: “Analytical and numerical study of non-equilibrium free energy estimators in biophysics.”

Abstract: In this work we study the problem of the bias in free energy estimators. The aim is to develop analytical expressions for the Jarzynski and Bennet Acceptance Ratio estimators by using Extreme Value Statistics and apply such expressions to work distributions obtained from biophysical experiments. We begin with Weibull distribution as a toy model, calculating the analytical estimators for the biases and comparing them with numerically generated work distributions. Later we propose a method based on our approach for analyzing real work distributions consisting in fitting them to the sum of two gaussians and calculating analytically the free energy. This method is proved on several work distributions obtained from Optical Tweezers experiments.

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